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     Adepts of the Alchemical Tradition
     Hermetic Symbols of the Great Work
     Human Regeneration by Alchemy
     Chinese & Tibetan Alchemy
Astro-Theology: How Astrology Has Influenced Mankind
     Zodiac and the Great Platonic Year
     Astrology & Universal Cosmology
     Planets & the Ancient Gods
     Great Solar Symbol of the Messiah
     Journey of the Soul through Astrological Cycles
The Atlantean Hypothesis
     Atlantean Records in Greece and Egypt
     Atlantean Records in India and China
     Atlantean Records in Africa and Polynesia
     Atlantean Records in Europe
     Atlantean Records in Ancient America
The Atom in Religion and Philosophy
     Greek Philosopher - Atomists
     Atomic Research in India and China
     Atomism in Early European Philosophy 
     How Modern Philosophy Can Cope with the Atom
     The Spiritual Challenge of the Atomic Age
The Cycle of the Phoenix
     600 B.C. - Era of the Ancient Teachers
     1 A.D. - Christian Era
     600 A.D. - Moslem Era
     1200 A.D. - Era of Intellectual Restoration
     1800 A.D. - Era of Social Liberation
Doctrines of Hermes Trismegistus
     Orientation of the Hermetic Philosophy
     Hermetism, Gnosticism, and Neoplatonism
     Great Body of the Hermetic Literature
     Influence of Hermetic Tradition
     The Principle Text, Divine Pymander
Doctrines of Neoplatonism
     Proclus on the Theology of Plato
     Iamblichus on the Mysteries
     Plotinus on the Beautiful
     Porphyry on the Wanderings of Ulysses
     Julian on the Mother of the  Gods
Esoteric Anthropology
     The Beginning of Human Life
     The Rise of Mankind in Nature
     The Origin of Race and Languages
     Ensouling of Humanity
     The Future of the Human Race
Esoteric Philosophy of H. P. Blavatsky
     Source of the Secret Doctrine
     Indian Philosophy as Interpreted by H.P.B.
     Inner Teachings of Lamaism
     Voice of the Silence as Mahayana Buddhism
     Raja Yoga of H. P. Blavatsky
Exploring Dimensions of Consciousness
     Universal and Personal Consciousness
     Approach to the Preconscious
     Subconscious States in Nature and Man
     Consciousness and Mind
     Superconscious Cognition
First Principles of Philosophy
     The Four Aspects of Metaphysics
     Logic and Ethics
     Psychology and Epistemology
     Esthetics and Theurgy
     The Symbolism of the Ten Bulls
Five Paths of Yoga
     Karma Yoga - The Yoga of Action
     Hatha Yoga - The Yoga of the Body
     Bhakti Yoga - The Yoga of Devotion
     Jnana Yoga - The Yoga of Wisdom
     Raja Yoga - The Royal Path
The Five-Fold Nature of the Self
     The Self That Senses
     The Self That Thinks
     The Self That Wills
     The Self That Grows
     The Real Self
The Great Polarities
     Heaven & Earth
     God & Man
     Truth & Error
     Good & Evil
     Heart & Mind
Greek and Roman Deities as Personifications of Divine Principles
     Divine Dynasty - Uranus, Cronus, & Zeus
     Circle of the Twelve Olympian Deities
     Children of Zeus - Secondary Order of the Gods & Mortals
     Heroes — Offspring of the Gods & Mortals
     Neoplatonic Key to the Grand Cycle of Myths
Interpreting Great Legends of the World
     Mystery of the Iron Tower (India)
     The Gesar Kahn (Tibet)
     The Court of the Sea King (Japan)
     The Queen of Heaven (China)
     The Golden Legend (Europe)
Invisible Bodies of Men in Hindu philosophy
     The Sthula Sarira - Physical Body and Its Attributes
     The Living Shariri - The Etheric and Vital Bodies - Their Function
     The Kamaru Pa - The Emotional Nature and Its Activities
     The Rupa and Arupa Manas - Vehicles of the Concrete and Abstract Mind
     The Buddhic Sheath - The Seat of the Intuitive Principle
Landmarks of Esoteric Literature
     Francis Bacon - "The New Atlantis"
     Knorr Von Rosenroth - The Kabbala Unveiled
     A. E. Waite - "The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross"
     Mary Ann Atwood - "Suggestive Inquiry into the Hermetic Mystery"
     Blavatsky - "The Secret Doctrine"
Life in the 21st Century
     Education in the Twenty-First Century
     Economics in the Twenty-First Century
     Industrialism in the Twenty-First Century
     Science in the Twenty-First Century
     Government in the Twenty-First Century
     Religion in the Twenty-First Century
The Love Series
     Human Love
     Love of Beauty
     Love of God
     Love of Nature
     Love of Truth
Morals and Dogma by Gen. Albert Pike
     The Mystery of the Ineffable Name of God
     The Sacred Tradition of the Aryas
     The Secret Language of Symbolism
     The Wisdom Religion in Persia
     The Restoration of Ritualistic Instruction
The Mysteries of the Cabala
     Ancient of Days - Nature of the Godhead
     Mother of the Mysteries - Processes of Creation
     Angel of the Presence - Administration of Universal Law
     Chariot of Righteousness - Cabalism and Yoga
     Everlasting House - Restoration of Heaven and Earth
The Mystery and Meaning of the Ancient Rituals
     The Initiation Rites of Ancient Egypt
     The State Mysteries of Greece and Rome
     Esoteric Rituals in Early America
     Secret Ceremonies in China and Japan
     The Secret Symbolism of the Christian Mass
New Concepts of Therapy for Daily Living
     Constructive Uses of Suggestion and Autosuggestion
     Recent progress in hypnotic techniques
     The Value of Group Prayer and Meditation
     Types of Magnetic Healing
     Mental Control of the Energy Fields of the Body
Paracelsian Philosophy
     On Natural and Unnatural Religion and Science
     Invisible Creatures of the Five Elements
     Universal Energy and Metaphysical Medicine
     Doctrine of Sympathetic Forces in Nature
     Man as a Constellation
The Philosophy of Value
     The Oriental Concept of Value
     Things as Objects of Value
     The Ageless Quest for Value
     Taking Hold of Value
     Living in the Light of Virtue
Practical Mysticism in Modern Living
     Mystical Content in Scientific Knowledge
     Mystical Directives to Personal Action
     Mystical Aspects of Modern Medicine
     Mystical Overtones in Culture and Society
     Mystical Trends in Modern Psychology
Psychological Theory and Practice
     Defense Mechanisms in Daily Conduct
     Disassociation: The Abrupt Mood Change
     Prenatal Factors in Psychic Stress
     The Psychology of Social Integration
     Cause & Effect in Mental Process
Pythagorean Theory of Number
     Basic Philosophy of Numeration and Number
     The Tetractys and the Motion of Number
     The Fourth Pythagorean Proposition
     The Human Soul and Archetypal Number
     The Symbolism of Numbers
The Septenaries
     The Seven Creative Powers of the Godhead
     The Seven Great Ages of the Earth
     The Seven Races of Mankind
     The Seven Law Concerning Human Life
     The Seven Schools of Mystery Religions
Studies in Comparative Mythology
     Babylonian Creation Myths
     Greek Philosophical Mythology
     Teutonic Hero Myths
     Buddhist Regeneration Myths
     Egyptian Myths of the Afterlife
Studies in Dream Symbolism
     An Alphabet of Dream Symbols
     Self-Instruction Through Dreams
     Warnings and Premonitions - the Dangerous Dream
     The Dream as a Mystical Experience
     The Twilight Hour - Dreams between Sleeping and Waking
Studies in Man: Grand Symbol of the Mysteries
     Embryology and the Story of the Cell
     Brain & Release of the Soul
     Heart, the Seat of Life
     Spinal Column & the Kundalini
     Pineal Gland & the the Endocrine System
Studies in Self-Unfoldment
     Inward Perception
     The Practice of Concentration
     The Discipline of Retrospection
     The Mystery of the Transcendental Personality
     Realization as Illumination
Symbolism of the Great Operas
     The Ring of the Niebelungs
     Parsival & Lohengrin
     The Magic Flute
     The Meistersingers of Nuremberg
The Universe According to Esoteric Philosophy
     Of Creation & the Gods
     Of the Universe & Its Laws
     Of the Sun & Its Planets
     Of Nature & Its Kingdoms
     Of Man - His Origin and Destiny
Unseen Forces That Affect Our Lives
     The Living Universe Beyond Our Sensory Perceptions
     Demonism in the 20th Century
     Obsession and Spirit Possession
     Thought Forces and Psychic Ghosts
     Secret Powers and Why We Should Not Use Them
The Wisdom Series
     The Challenge of Forever Becoming
     The Wonder World of Words
     From Knowledge to Wisdom
     From Wisdom to Understanding
     Faiths That Lead to Certainties
     Now, a Moment in Eternity
Worlds in Transition
     Religion beyond Dogma
     Science beyond Materialism
     Philosophy beyond Doctrine
     History beyond Tradition
     Education beyond Authority
The Zen Concept of Intensity without Tension
     The Pressure Mechanism and How it Operates
     Pressure Arising from Personality Conflicts
     Pressure Arising from Family Relationships
     Pressure Associated with Youth, Maturity, and Advancing Years
     Pressures Arising from Environment and World Conditions

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