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Manuscript Lectures
by Manly P. Hall

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Early in Manly P. Hall's career (from age 22) he had his lectures transcribed into a top-bound format called "Manuscript Lectures" to share with his students. Typically, only 100 of each of these lecture notes were published. Today the documents are rare, and many would say, deep and inspiring from a man in his early twenties. Within the text there are some typos and fadings. These paper issues are nearly a hundred years old, and they suffer somewhat from age, but are still very readable.

Full Text PDFs

#1: Pros and Cons on the Sex Problem (1923)

#6: The Masters - Part One (1923)

#13: The Masters - Part Two (1923)

#15: The Attainment of Wisdom (1923)

#17: Marriage, the Mystic Rite (1924)

#18: The Fourth Dimension and the Third Eye (1924)

#20: First Principles of the Wisdom Religion (1924)

#21: The Teacher and the Student (1924)

#24: Buddha, the Divine Wanderer (1924)

#27: Dangers of New Thought, Metaphysics and Psychology (1924)

#30: Fundamental Errors in Modern Occultism (1924)

#41: The Occult Christ (1925)

#42: Atlantis, the Lost World (1925)

#44: The Masters of Wisdom (1925)

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