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Adepts in the Esoteric Classical Tradition, The: Part One: The Initiates of Greece and Rome | Topics
Adepts in the Esoteric Classical Tradition, The: Part Two: Mystics and Mysteries of Alexandria | Topics
Adepts in the Esoteric Classical Tradition, The: Part Three: The Nordic, Gothic, and Finnish Rites | Topics
Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition, The: Part One: The Light of the Vedas | Topics
Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition, The: Part Two: The Arhats of Buddhism | Topics
Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition, The: Part Three: The Sages of China | Topics
Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition, The: Part Four: The Mystics of Islam | Topics
Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition, The: Part Five: Venerated Teachers of the
     Jains, Sikhs, and Parsis | Topics
Adventures in Understanding | Topics
Alchemist's Primer, An: Fundamentals of Esoteric Transformation | Topics
Alchemy: A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Manly P. Hall Collection of Books and
     Manuscripts | Topics
America's Assignment with Destiny | Topics
Apocalypse Attributed to St. John, The
Astrological Essays: Infant Mortality, Marriage, Death, Suicide
Astrological Keywords | Topics
Astrology & Reincarnation | Topics
Atlantis, an Interpretation | Topics

Basic Fears and How to Correct Them: Lectures on Personal Growth
Basic Ideas of Man, The: A Program of Study Founded Upon Man's Heritage of Wisdom:
     24 bound correspondence lessons by Manly P. Hall and Henry Drake | Topics
Basic Principles of Domestic Psychology and Bringing Philosophy to Children
Bible, The: The Story of a Book | Topics
Blessed Angels, The | Topics
Blind Spot in the Mind, The: Why We Have Difficulty Understanding Ourselves 
Broadsheet for promoting the publication of the Secret Teachings of All Ages, 1928
Buddha's "Sermon on the Mount": A Lecture
Buddhism and Psychotherapy | Topics
Burdened Mind, The; The Natures of the Human Body: The Mental
     (PRS, Learning to Live by Living to Learn, Lecture #34) | Topics

Cabalistic Keys to the Lord's Prayer | Topics
Child's Place in the Plan, The | Topics
Children of the Elements, The: the Nature Spirits | Topics
Christmas Message, A
Codex Rosae Crucis, reprinted 1971, Introduction and Commentary by Manly P. Hall | Topics
Collected Writings, Vol. 1 | Topics
Collected Writings, Vol. 2 | Topics
Collected Writings, Vol. 3 | Topics
Commentary upon The Quiet Way, A
Conquering Fear
Culture of the Mind, The | Topics

Daily Words of Wisdom
Dark Night of the Soul, The
Death and After | Topics
Death to Rebirth — Five Essays | Topics
Dionysian Artificers, by Hippolyto Joseph Da Costa, with an Interpretation of The Myth
     of Dionysius by Manly P. Hall | Topics
Dream Symbolism | Topics

E. A. Gordon: Pioneer in East-West Religious Understanding, a Memorial Tribute | Topics
Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian
     Symbolical Philosophy, An | Topics
Esoteric Wisdom for Modern Living | Topics
Essay on the Fundamental Principles of Operative Occultism, An
Evolution and the Orthodox Church

Facing the Facts | Topics
Facing the Future: A New Theory of Political Representation, 1935, Second Edition | Topics
First Principles of Philosophy | Topics
Four Seasons of the Spirit, The, and Achieving the Miracle of Contentment
Francis Bacon, The Concealed Poet | Topics
Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians | Topics
From a Philosopher's Scrapbook | Topics
From Death to Rebirth | Topics

Great Books on Religion and Esoteric Philosophy | Topics
Growing up with Grandmother | Topics
Guru, The, by His Disciple

Healing: The Divine Art | Topics
Hermetic Marriage, The | Topics
How Belief in Rebirth Enriches Your Life
How To Understand Your Bible | Topics
Hypnotism | Topics

Impressions of Modern Japan | Topics
Incompatibility, A Crisis in Modern Living: A Lecture
Initiates of the Flame, The | Topics
Initiation of Plato
Inner Life of Minerals, Plants, and Animals, The
Introduction to Dream Interpretation, An
Invisible Records of Thought and Action: The Theory and Practice of Psychometry, and the
     Use and Abuse of the Natural Psychic Powers Within Us and Around Us
Is Each Individual Born With a Purpose?

Journey in Truth | Topics
Judgment of the Soul, The, and the Mystery of Coming Forth by Day:
     A Study in Egyptian Metaphysics | Topics

Koyasan: Sanctuary of Esoteric Buddhism | Topics
Krishna and the Battle of Kurukshetra

Lady of Dreams
Lectures on Ancient Philosophy | Topics
Life Planning | Topics
Little World of PRS, The | Topics
Lone Traveler, The: Man on the Road to Infinity
Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away, The: Facing Change with a Serene Heart
Lost Keys of Freemasonry, The | Topics

Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics | Topics
Magic: Black and White (Parts One and Two)
Man: Grand Symbol of the Mysteries | Topics
Manly P. Hall Memorial Program (for his memorial service)
Masonic Orders of Fraternity | Topics
Master of the Mysteries (Biography of MPH), by Louis Sahagun
Medicine of the Sun and Moon, The
Meditation Disciplines and Personal Integration
Meditation Symbols in Eastern & Western Mysticism: Mysteries of the Mandala | Topics
Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire | Topics
Miscellanies, volume 1 | Topics
Miscellanies, volume 2 | Topics
Miscellanies, volume 3 | Topics
Miscellanies, volume 4 | Topics
Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte de St. Germain, The—
     Introductory Material and Commentary by Manly P. Hall | Topics
Mysteries of Asia, The | Topics
Mystery of Electricity, The: A Retrospect and a Prophecy
Mystery of Human Birth, The
Mystery of the Holy Spirit, The
Mystical Christ, The | Topics
Mysticism and Mental Healing: Lectures on Personal Growth 
Mysticism of Colonial America | Topics

Neoplatonism: Theology for Wanderers in the New Millennium:
     Book One, Proclus on the Theology of Plato
Neoplatonism: Theology for Wanderers in the New Millennium:
     Book Two, Iamblicus on the Mysteries
Neoplatonism: Theology for Wanderers in the New Millennium:
     Book Three, Plotinus on the Beautiful
Neoplatonism: Theology for Wanderers in the New Millennium:
     Book Four, Porphyry on the Wanderings of Ulysses
Neoplatonism: Theology for Wanderers in the New Millennium:
     Book Five, Julian on the Mother of the Gods
Noble Eightfold Path, The | Topics

Occult Anatomy of Man, The | Topics
Occult Masonry
Old Testament Wisdom | Topics
Orders of the Great Work: Alchemy | Topics
Orders of the Quest: The Holy Grail | Topics
Orders of the Universal Reformation: Utopias | Topics

Paracelsus: His Mystical and Medical Philosophy | Topics
Past Lives and Present Problems: How to Prepare for a Fortunate Rebirth | Topics
Pathways of Philosophy | Topics
Philosophy for the Sick; and Disposition and Disease 
Philosophy of Astrology, The | Topics
Philosophy of Purposeful Living, The: 25 Years of Accomplishment | Topics
Phoenix, The | Topics
Piscean Age, The: A System of World Prophecy | Topics
Plan for Youth, A
Planetary Influence and the Human Soul
Pluto in Libra: An Interpretation
Positive Uses of Psychic Energy
Psychic Self-Reproach:  From Remorse to Realization
Psychic Symbolism of Headaches, Insomnia and the Upset Stomach, The
Psychoanalyzing the Twelve Zodiacal Types | Topics
Psychological Meaning of Tibetan Art, The
Psychology of Religious Ritual, The, A Lecture

Quest for Spiritual Teachers, The
Questions and Answers | Topics

Radio Talks on Philosophy and Psychology | Topics
Ralph Waldo Emerson's Essays on Friendship, Love and Beauty: An Interpretation | Topics
Reincarnation: The Cycle of Necessity | Topics
Research on Reincarnation
Return of the Sorcerers: Black Magic in the Modern World
Riddle of the Rosicrucians, The | Topics
Right Thinking: The Royal Road to Health | Topics
Road to Inner Light, The | Topics
Rosicrucians and Magister Christoph Schlegel, The: Hermetic Roots of America | Topics

Sacred Magic of the Qabbalah, The: The Science of Divine Names | Topics
Sages & Seers | Topics
Science and Immortality | Topics
Search for Reality: Ten Lectures on Personal Growth
Secret Destiny of America, The | Topics
Secret of the Untroubled Mind, The
Secret Teachings of All Ages, The | Topics
Self-Unfoldment by Disciplines of Realization | Topics
Sermon on the Mount, The: An Interpretation
Shadow Forms | Topics
Short Talks on Many Subjects | Topics
Solving Psychic Problems and Submerged Personalities
Soul in Egyptian Metaphysics and the Book of the Dead, The
Space Born, The: Mystical Poetry by Manly P. Hall | Topics
Spiritual Centers in Man
Star Lore of Babylon, The
Story of Astrology, The | Topics
Story of Christmas, The
Studies in Character Analysis: Phrenology, Palmistry, Physiognomy,
     Graphology, Oriental Character Analysis | Topics
Super Faculties and Their Culture | Topics
Survey Course in Philosophy | Topics
Symbolic Essays: First Published Works of Manly P. Hall | Topics
Symbolism of Light and Color, The

Talks to Students on Occult Philosophy | Topics
Tarot, The: An Essay by Manly P. Hall
Ten Basic Rules for Better Living
Therapeutic Value of Music Including the Philosophy of Music, The
Think on These Things | Topics
Thirty-Eight Thousand Miles of Impressions:
     A Document of Human Relationships | Topics
Twelve World Teachers | Topics

Universal Reformation of Trajano Bocalini
Unseen Forces | Topics

Value of Prayer in Psychological Integration, The: A Lecture
Very Sincerely Yours
Very Unusual: The Wonderful World of Mr. K. Nakamura | Topics
Visions and Metaphysical Experiences
Vital Concept of Personal Growth, A

Way of Heaven and Other Fantasies Told in the Manner of the Chinese, The | Topics
Ways of the Lonely Ones, The | Topics
Western Paradise of Amitabha, The | Topics
What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of Its Disciples:
     A Study Concerning Mystery Schools | Topics
White Bird of Tao, The | Topics
Wisdom Beyond the Mind: Lectures on Personal Growth
Wisdom of China
Wisdom of the Knowing Ones, The | Topics
Wit and Wisdom of the Immortals | Topics
Woman, the Mother of All Living
Words to the Wise | Topics

Your Life in a Wartime Year | Topics

Zen for the Western Mind | Topics
Zen of the Bright Virtue, The | Topics

Supplement: "Learning to Live by Living to Learn"
     (a course of 40 sequential pamphlets—listed below)

Unseen Forces That Affect Our Lives: Special Edition, a book
     for students of "Learning to Live by Living to Learn"

The Natures of the Human Body
	The Physical Nature
	Prenatal and Birth (Lesson 1)
		Where do we come from? Why are we here?  Where are we going?
		What is Creation?
		The Process of Rebirth
		The Fall of Man
		Return to the Physical World
		Sacred Mysteries of the Human Body
		A Word for Mothers (and Fathers) in Difficult Times
	The Vital
	Childhood (Lesson 2)
		The 'Burn Out' of Child Prodigies
		Children of Our Times
		Mother School of Comenius
	Adolescence (Lecture 3)
		Helping Teenagers Grow Up in This Troubled World
		Leaving Home at Eighteen to Join a Semi-Religious Community Group
		A Plan for the Young People of America
		An Esoteric Explanation of Drug Abuse and Its Consequences
	Education (Lecture 4)
		Introduction (MPH)
		Education Reform
		Revolution or Revelation
		Diet and Health
		Religion in the Public Schools
		Environment and Destiny
		Sensory Pollution
		Re-Education of Personal Opinion
	Career (Lecture 5)
		Life Planning: Planning a Career
		The Search for a Purposeful Life
		Dedication to a Religious Career
	Family & the Home (Lecture 6)
		Raising a Family under Present World Conditions
		The Present State of American Home Life
		Pressures That Make Living Difficult
		Civilization Begins in the Home
		Life Planning:  Planning a Home
		Marriage Union and Divorce
		Parents' Responsibility for Children
		Eugenics and Birth Control
	Retirement (Lecture 7)
		Challenge of Change
		Keeping the Mind Active in Advancing Years
		A Further Look at Retirement Problems
		Life's Most Critical Years
	Second Career (Lecture 8)
		How Attitudes Affect the Aging Process
		Planning for an Uncluttered Future
		The Problem of Living Alone
	Rest & Repose (Lecture 9)
		The Privileges of Old Age
		Problems of Longevity
		Problems of Longevity II
		Living with the Past, the Present, and the Future
	Release from the Body (Lecture 10)
		Prologue to Eternity
		The Doctrine of Reincarnation and Karma
		What is Death?
		Philosophical Attitude Toward Suicide
		Separation from the Physical Body
		Practical Problems Associated with Transition
		What Happens When We Change Worlds?
		The Hymn of Death

The Vital Nature
	The Internal Solar System (Lecture 11)
		The Magnetic Field of the Earth
		Esoteric Anatomy and Physiology
		The Energy Fields of the Human Body
	Energy As the Blood of Creation (Lecture 12)
		The Mystical and Medical Philosophy of Paracelsus Universal Energy
		The Seven Great Gifts of God:  Exploring Personal Potentials
		Earthquakes as Related to Crises in Human Society
		Racial and National Karma
	Creative Energy (Lecture 13)
		Our Rates of Vibration
		The Mystical and Medical Philosophy of Paracelsus
		Planets and Earthquakes
	Protective Energy (Lecture 14)
		Egyptian Amulets
		Nutritional Support as a Protection Against World Tension
		Paracelsus: Fundamentals of Metaphysical Healing
		Paracelsus on the Mystery of Moral Energy
	Constructive Energy (Lecture 15)
		Energy Fields of the Human Body
		The Human Aura in Eastern and Western Mysticism
		Paracelsus and the Sympathetic Forces Operating in Nature
	Regenerative Energy (Lecture 16)
		Higher Dimensions of the Universe: The Quest for Cosmic
		The Psychic Field of the Earth: Its Influence on Human Behavior
	Transmutative Energy (Lecture 17)
		How Far Can We Trust Our Sensory Perceptions?
		Exploring the Mystery of Food
		Feeding the Complete Person
	Inner Resource (Lecture 18)
		What is the Law?
		How to Live with a Chronic Ailment
		Planning for Better Health
		The Invisible Teacher of Socrates: The Philosophy of Inner Guidance
	Energy Conservation (Lecture 19)
		Organizing and Conserving Personal Energy Resources
		Psychic Malpractice: Can We Be Influenced Against Our Wills
	Release from Bondage (Lecture 20)
		Domination in Personal Living
		Mystical Overtones of Sensory Perception: Each Faculty Has Its Own Extrasensory Powers
		Citizens of Eternity

The Emotional Nature
	The Mystery of Divine Love (Lecture 21)
		The Doctrine of Redemption Through Grace
		The Daily Practice of Private Worship
		How to Love God and Keep Your Friends
		"As a Man Thinketh in His Heart…"
	The Heart Doctrine (Lecture 22)
		Emotional and Psychic Ether
		Love Has No Enemies: Charity Begins in the Heart
		Psychological Defenses Against Heart Disease
		The Duties of the Heart
	Emotional Impulses (Lecture 23)
		The Disciplining of the Desire Body
		Facing the Future with Anxieties and Apprehensions
		The Grumpies
		Mental and Emotional Blocks
	Emotional Pressures (Lecture 24)
		The Heart Under Pressure
		Heart Transplant Surgery
		The Religious  Fixation
		Religious Hysteria
		Compulsions, Fear, Hatred
		The Nervous Breakdown
		Anger, Its Cause and Cure
	Solving Emotional Problems (Lecture 25)
		The Courage of Silence: Powers of the Invincible Self
		Heart Disease: The Price of Progress
		Understanding Solves Problems: Freedom from the Tyranny
			Of the Unknown
	Children & Animals: Our Dependents (Lecture 26)
		What Has Happened to Children?
		Question and  Answer
		The Karmic Factor in Parenthood
		Introduction: Animals
		Insects, Animals, & Bugs
		Abuse of Animals
		Are animals subject to karma?
		The Animal's Place in the Universal Plan
	Emotional Reverses in Relationships (Lecture 27)
		The Broken Heart and the Offended Pride
		The Inferiority Complex: Solving Subconscious Problems by
			Conscious Effort
		Marriage and the Law of Karma
	The Compassion of True Love (Lecture 28)
		The Seven Kinds of Love
		The Spirit of Compassion According to Buddhism
		Increasing Love for Fellow Human Persons
		The Fable of Cupid and Psyche
		Amor and Anima
	The Nature of the Soul (Lecture 29)
		The Voice of Conscience
		Seven Keys to Human Personality
		Feeding the Hungry Soul
		The Human Soul as Revealed Through Art, Literature, and Music
	Emotional Liberation (Lecture 30)
		"Moral Beauty is the Basis of Civilization"
		Three Secrets of Esoteric Buddhism
		Meditation Disciplines & Personal Integration

The Mental Nature
	The Nature of the Mind (Lecture 31)
		Mysteries of the Mind
		Thinking Makes It So
		The Magic Mirror of the Mind
		The Mystical Maze of Thought: What We Know About the Human Mind
	Thought, the Activity of the Mind (Lecture 32)
		The Idea, the Thought, and the Mind
		The Mind in a Cage of Thought
		Intellect, the Heartless Autocrat
		Escape from the Tyranny of Our Own Thoughts
	Psychic Powers of the Mind (Lecture 33)
		The Use and Abuse of the Natural Psychic Powers
		Exploring Dark Corners of the Psyche: The Search for
			Total Experience of  Self
	The Burdened Mind (Lecture 34)
		The Problems of the Burdened Mind
		Coping with Mental & Emotional Depression
		Understanding Troubled Minds
	Training the Mind (Lecture 35)
		Developmental Exercises
		How to Approach the Study of World Religions & Philosophies
		Teaching the Mind and Body to Work Together
		How to Think
		How a Philosopher Thinks: Keys to the Basic Principles of Straight
	Constructive Use of the Mind (Lecture 36)
		Thought Mastery
		Difference Between True Spiritual Experience & Imagination
		Creative Imagination as an Instrument of Positive Psychological
		Feeding the Mind with "Junk" Ideas
		Mental Management
	Memory as Teacher of the Mind (Lecture 37)
		The Power of Memory
		Memory: Friend, Enemy, or Teacher
		Lapsus Memoriae
		The Constructive Use of Memory to Enrich Our Lives
	Conscience and Consciousness (Lecture 38)
		The Place of Conscience in Daily Living
		The Concept of Consciousness in Neoplatonism
		My Philosophy Up to Now: The Highest State of Consciousness
		The Miracle of Consciousness
		The Moment of Self-Consciousness
	Intuition, Insight & Realization (Lecture 39)
		Training the Faculty of Intuition
		How to Acquire Insight
		Broadening the Faculties of Insight
		Illumination through Disciplines of Realization
	The Transition into Philosophy (Lecture 40)
		Wisdom of God in a Mystery
		The Golden Chain of Homer
		The Ensouling of Knowledge
		Ideals in Transition

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