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Manly P. Hall - Monthly Letters to Students - Complete

PDFs of 60 issues and their supplements

May, 1934 - April, 1938 and August, 1940 - July, 1941

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Branches of Philosophy (1934-1935)

Questions and Answers (with articles) (1935-1936)

Teachers (1936-1937)

The Secret Doctrine in the Bible (1937-1938)

Disciplines of Meditation and Realization (1940-1941)

Branches of Philosophy

May, 1934 (Main - What I mean by philosophy; Supplement - Definitions in Philosophy)

June, 1934 (Main - Metaphysics; Supplement - The Beginning of Greek Philosophy, Part One)

July, 1934 (Main - Knowledge and Truth; Supplement - The Beginning of Greek Philosophy, Part Two)

August, 1934 (Main - ...the nature of Energy and the nature of Creation, or the manifestation of Energy in works; Supplement - The Lotus of the Law)

September, 1934 (Main - Theology; Supplement - Healing)

October, 1934 (Main - Logic; Supplement - Healing, Chapter 2)

November, 1934 (Main - Ethics; Supplement - Healing, Chapter 2, continued)

December, 1934 (Main - Psychology; Supplement - The Mastery of Fear)

January, 1935 (Main - Initiation and Initiates; Supplement - The Mastery of Fear, continued)

February, 1935 (Main - Epistemology; Supplement - Dangers of New Thought -- Metaphysics and Psychology)

March, 1935, (Main - Esthetics; Supplement - Dangers of New Thought -- Metaphysics and Psychology, continued)

April, 1935, (Main - Theurgy; Supplement - The Destruction of the Alexandrian Library)

Questions and Answers (with articles)

May, 1935 in English | Spanish translation

Contacting sources of spiritual instruction: the safest course for students (article)
  • How can a student of the ancient wisdom teachings contact bona fide sources of occult philosophy and spiritual instruction? What is the safest course for students of higher knowledge to pursue at this time in their quest for wisdom?

June, 1935 in English | Spanish translation

Contacting sources of spiritual instruction: Nature as the textbook of the divine law (article)

Questions at end:
  • Is theology the same as religion?
  • We have a three-year-old daughter. What religious training do you recommend?
  • Is it possible to reconcile the idea of a personal God with the impersonal God?
  • Can science be reconciled with religion?
  • Can past Karma be escaped by present good deeds?
  • What is the purpose of baptism?
  • Would you advise a man to leave civilization who cannot make spiritual progress among a corrupt and evil populace?
  • How can a drone become useful at fifty? Now that I understand things better I want to be useful.
  • Is it possible to separate spirituality and wisdom? In other words, can a person be spiritually perfect and yet not possess all knowledge?
  • Do people appreciate only what they pay well for? Please explain the money principle in connection with spiritual instruction.

July, 1935 in English | Spanish translation

Applying oneself to a serious study of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings (article)
  • What advice do you give to a person who desires to apply himself to a serious study of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings?
  • Do disembodied spirits retain a memory of their earth-life experiences?

August, 1935 in English | Spanish translation

We examine the seven requisites of the outer life which we term Attainments. (Article follows.)

Questions at end:
  • Can the average individual control to any extent the length of time between incarnations or determine in advance what his next incarnation shall be?
  • If we do not develop spiritually in this life sufficiently to remember our past lives, do we automatically come into possession of this remembrance when we reach the astral world after death?
  • Do parents give their children only physical bodies?
  • Please differentiate between body, mind, soul and spirit.
  • Is a balance between introversion and extroversion better than introversion even though the latter is associated with serious thought but no social contact?
  • What is the most useful thing in this world?
  • Will the finality of life ever be known?
  • If we are to do good, does it matter if we hurt people's feelings doing it?
  • In what way does Rosicrucianism differ from other Wisdom Religions and when did it have its beginning?

September, 1935 in English | Spanish Translation

Discovering the school of mysticism and occultism best suited to the individual's needs (article)
  • There are many different schools of mysticism and occultism in the world. How can a student discover with certainty the system best suited to his individual needs?
  • Please give your version of the idea of a person being divinely protected. We so often hear someone say that they have no fear of anything because they are divinely protected. Does not the law of cause and effect render this idea untenable?
  • Please give the names of the best works to read on the interpretation of the Grecian myths.
  • Has the sixth root race started to appear upon the earth?
  • Please give a practical definition of mysticism.
  • The expectation of the coming World Teacher seems to be wide spread, being as common in Asia for example as in this country. Is there a justification for this expectation?
  • What part does nationality play in Reincarnation? Does a person incarnate into a different nation each time he is reborn?
  • Please tell us what sorcery really is?
  • Are there any other records of Jesus than the four Gospels?
  • What is the best way to overcome an obsession?

October, 1935 in English - Spanish Translation

Self improvement is one of the first duties of man, for only through ages of Self improvement can we achieve to that state of wisdom we so greatly desire. (Article follows.)

Questions at end:
  • What place have insects in the scheme of evolution? Are they a legitimate life stream?
  • Why is it that child prodigies in the majority of cases are "burned out" by the time they mature? Why do they not go on developing?
  • Please give your interpretation of the Holy Ghost.
  • Can peace in the outer life be attained without attaining peace within?
  • Do you recommend fasting as a means of advancing spiritually?
  • Does it harm one to attend spiritualistic meetings?
  • What is the proper philosophical attitude towards politics? Should Occult Students take an active part in political reforms and social programs?
  • What should be the attitude of the Occult Student towards Surgery?

November, 1935 in English - Spanish Translation

The beginning of the Philosophical Research Society

The grades of initiation in the Eleusinian Mysteries, and summary interpretations for students (article)

Questions at end:
  • Is not a physical demonstration of prosperity an evidence that the person has accomplished an inner illuminaton and is able to control the law of Supply and Demand?
  • In what way does an Initiate or Adept differ from an ordinary person?
  • Please tell us something about the antiquity of the Rosicrucian Order.

December, 1935 in English - Spanish Translation

Psychical Phenomena (article)
  • Many metaphysicians claim to have experienced extraordinary psychical phenomena. They describe visions of an amazing nature, asserting that they are able to see and converse with ghosts, spirits, elementals, superhuman creatures, invisible adepts and divinities, and even the persons of the Godhead Itself. Many metaphysical organizations make similar claims, affirming their material movements to be directed by superhuman entities. Please clarify this matter.
  • What is the proper philosophical attitude towards suicide?
  • Does the doctrine of Reincarnation conflict with the teachings of Christianity?

January, 1936 in English | Spanish Translation

The problem of illumination, as understood in its mystical sense. (Article follows.)

Questions at end:
  • To what degree is a university education useful to a person interested in the perfecting of his inner spiritual life?
  • Do you believe that we are about to enter the Golden Age?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • Have we entered the Aquarian Age yet?
  • Some time ago I went to an Evangelistic meeting and during the service there were people who took the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They became hysterical and rolled on the floor for over an hour. They were supposed to be under the power of God. I would like to know your opinion regarding this?
  • What is the Philosopher's Stone?
  • Please tell me what books will assist me in the study of the Sacred Magic of the Kabbalah, numbers, etc., and where I can obtain them?

February, 1936 in English | Spanish Translation

Metaphysical Subjects - discrimination and poise (article)
  • If it is the purpose of the Occult Sciences to perfect the individual in the philosophic virtues, why are so many people interested in Metaphysical Subjects so lacking in the rudiments of discrimination and poise? (Article follows.)

March, 1936 in English | Spanish Translation

Less obvious factors which contribute to the general disorder in the sphere of the occult sciences. (Article follows.)

Questions at end:
  • Please explain the Mystery of Omens.
  • Please have something to say on the subject of Diet.
  • Is there any virtue in sleeping with the head to the north, south, east or west?
  • Is is true that men should live much longer than most do at the present time?

April, 1936 in English | Spanish Translation

Metaphysical movements and teachings (article)
  • Some metaphysical Teachers promise that through the study of their philosophies students can evade the effects of certain natural laws such as Reincarnation and Karma; other metaphysical Teachers promise miracles of health and prosperity to their followers; and still others assure their disciples spiritual and material protection against the evils of life. Please clarify the relationship between codes of spiritual action and the material rewards arising from such action.



May, 1936 - LAO-TZE THE OBSCURE SAGE - Introductory; The Doctrine of Taoism; The Disciplines of Taoism

June, 1936 - CONFUCIUS - Introductory; The Docrines of Confucius; Confucian Disciplines

July, 1936 - BUDDHA - Introductory; The Teachings of Buddha; Quotations from the Dhammapada and Other Early Buddhist Writings Attributed to Buddha

August, 1936 - ZOROASTER - Introductory; The Zoroastrian Doctrine; Quotations

September, 1936 - PLATO, THE DIVINE MAN - Introductory; The Philosophy of Plato; The Platonic Disciplines; Quotations

October, 1936 - MOHAMMED, PROPHET OF ISLAM - Introductory; The Doctrines of Mohammed; Quotations

November, 1936 - QUETZALCOATL - Introductory; The Life of Quetzalcoatl; Fragments of Ancient Mexican Metaphysics; Extracts from an Aztec Prayer

December, 1936 - JESUS - Introductory; The Teachings of the Master; Quotations from the Words of Jesus as Recorded by St. John

January, 1937 - PADMA SAMBHAVA - Introductory; Fundamental Tenets of Lamaism; Extracts from Tibetan Philosophy

February, 1937 - AKHNATON, Adorer of the Aton - Introductory; Religious teachings of Akhnaton; Quotations from the Hymns of Akhnaton

March, 1937 - ORPHEUS - Introductory; The Teachings of Orpheus; A Few Selected Lines from Orphic Rhapsodies

April, 1937 - HERMES TRISMEGISTUS - Introductory and body; Quotations

The Secret Doctrine in the Bible

May, 1937 - Biblical Cosmogony; The Formation of the Worlds; The Seven Days of Creation; The Pre-Adamic Man

June, 1937 - Adam and Eve; Eden and the Angel of the Flaming Sword; Cabalistic Figure of Adam; Cain and Abel; Seth and the Patriarchal Line

July, 1937 - Noah and His Wonderful Ark; Noah and His Wonderful Ark (figure); The Covenant; The Tower of Babel; Enoch, Abraham, and Melchizedek

August, 1937 - Israel; The Wanderings in the Wilderness; Moses; Moses Receiving the Tables of the Law (figure); The Tables of the Law; The Tabernacle in the Wilderness; The Death of Moses

September, 1937 - Solomon and the Everlasting House; Solomon's Temple (figure); Song of Solomon; Proverbs

October, 1937 - The Great Man of Nebuchadnezzar's Dream; The Story of Samson; The Vision of Ezekiel; The Vision of Ezekiel (figure); The Sufferings of Job; Melchizedek

November, 1937 - New Testament; The Birth and Childhood of Jesus; The Mystical Christ; Interpretation

December, 1937 - The Flight into Egypt; The Childhood of Jesus; Jesus Baptized by John; The Marriage Feast at Cana; The Raising of Lazarus; The Miraculous Draught of Fishes; The Lord's Prayer

January, 1938 - Jesus Walking on the Water; The Last Supper; The Garden of Gesthemane; Christ Before Pilate; Crucifixion; The Empty Tomb

February, 1938 - The Parables; The Parable of the Talents; The Parable of the Seed; The Eye of a Needle; The Good Shepherd; The Pearl of Great Price; The Prodigal Son; The Beginnings of the Christian Church

March, 1938 - The Jesus of Peter and the Christ of Paul; Paul's Doctrine of the Logos; The Martyrdom of the Disciples; Beginning of the Church

April, 1938 - The Revelation of St. John; Conclusion

Disciplines of Meditation and Realization

August, 1940 - Theory of Metaphysical Disciplines; Personal Application; Adaptation; Realization

September, 1940 - Three Principal Systems; Karmic Culmination; Preparation of Environment; Purification; Diet; Exercise; Fads; Organizations; Realization

October, 1940 - Communities; Continence; Black Magic; Methods of Development; Self-Analysis; Self-Correction; Positive Foundations; Continuity; Realization

November, 1940 - Placidity; Poise; Inconsistency; Patience; Directness of Action; Symbols of Realization; Posture; Becoming Immovable; Discipline; Realization

December, 1940 - Concentration; Preparation for Concentration; Concentration Symbols; Mandala Magic; The Begging Bowl; The Practice of Concentration; Realization

January, 1941 - An Eastern Fable; Concentration as a Form of Experience; Spiritual Alchemy; The Cycle of the Quest; Realization

February, 1941 - Traditions of Alchemy; Retrospection; Further Notes on Concentration; Realization

March, 1941 - Extension of Consciousness; The Mystery of the Transcendent Personality; Motive; The Fable of the Birds; Transcendental Being; Realization

April, 1941 - Personalities; Restatement of Principles; Multiplication of the Metaphysical Personality; Realization

May, 1941 - Realization; Realization in Action; Realization

June, 1941 - Illumination; Realization as Illumination; Realization

July, 1941 - Suspension of the Objective Mind; Conclusion; Realization

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