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Manly P. Hall
Manly P. Hall (1901-1990)

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The Infinitesimal and the Vast

"Occultism teaches that there is an entire universe within the human body; that it has its worlds, its planes, and its gods and goddesses. Millions of minute cells are its inhabitants. These tiny creatures are grouped together into kingdoms, nations, and races, and become one thing of many parts. The Supreme Ruler and God of this great world is the consciousness in man which says "I am." This consciousness picks up its universe and moves to another town. Every time it walks up and down the street it takes a hundred million solar systems with it, but because they are so infinitesimal, man cannot realize that they are actually worlds.

"In like manner, we are individual cells in the body of an infinite creation which is hurling itself through infinity at unknown speed. Suns, moons, and stars are merely bones in a great skeleton composed of all the substances of the universe. Our own little lives are merely part of that infinite life throbbing and coursing through the arteries and veins of space. But all this is so vast as to be beyond the comprehension of this little "I am" in us. Therefore we may say that both extremes are equally incomprehensible. We live in a middle world between infinite greatness on the one hand and infinte smallness on the other. As we grow, our world grows also, resulting in a corresponding increase in the scope of our understanding of all these wonders."

Hall, Manly P., The Occult Anatomy of Man, p. 21


"There is nothing more superstitious than a materialist. No belief is more fantastic than the belief there is nothing to believe. Most people have not realized that.

"If it is superstitious to fill the invisible universe with spirits, it is also superstitious to empty the universe of everything.

"Actually, we do not possess the knowledge to do either. We see about us an invisible source of life. The materialist says it is empty space, but he cannot prove that it is empty. All evidence of the universe is against him, for the reason that the universe is in space, and emerged from this emptiness."

Hall, Manly P. "Eighty Years of Revolution." Horizon (November-December 1941) Vol. 1, No. 4: p. 1

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